Weird News

Pregnant Woman, Service Dog Punched On Flight From Colorado
Lucky Lotto Player Wins 4 Prizes Within Months Including One Worth $5M
Scientists Have Figured Out Why Mosquito Bites Itch So Much
GoFundMe Campaign to Send Mariachi Band to Immigrant-Rant...
Tech-Savvy Parrot Uses Amazon Alexa Better Than You Can
Oklahoma Woman Killed by Pack of 7 Small Dogs
Forget Yanni vs Laurel - It's All About Green Needle vs Brainstorm
Hasbro Trademarks Play-Doh's Distinctive Scent
Daughter Humiliated After Dad Goes Viral For Looking At Model's Chest
Man Quits Job at Popeyes By Singing
Soldier Fighting For Custody After Wife Sold Baby She Claimed Had Died
Teen Punches Waitress Who Was Being Rude To Her Mother


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