Cities That Order The Most Late-Night Takeout

Being able to order from a restaurant online has really changed the way a lot of us eat. It’s way more convenient and you can find all the available options with a simple search, which is handy when those late-night cravings strike. And thanks to research from personal finance site GoBankingRates and popular online ordering site GrubHub, we now know which cities are ordering the most late-night take out and what people there are eating when they do.

GrubHub identified which cities are most likely to order meals after dinner time and then narrowed in on which items are most popular there. Unsurprisingly, most of the top late-night takeout ordering happens in college towns. These are the top ten cities:

  • East Lansing, Michigan - They place 392% more late-night orders than the rest of the country and the most popular food choice is mac and cheese.
  • New Brunswick, New Jersey - Here they order 280% more post-dinner food than everywhere else and their most popular order is boneless buffalo wings.
  • Columbus, Ohio - With 202% more late-night orders, their top choice is stromboli.
  • Allston, Massachusetts - They order 195% more late-night eats and Buffalo chicken pizza is their most popular order.
  • Syracuse, New York - Here they place 191% more late-night food orders and stuffed cheesy bread is the number one pick.
  • Providence, Rhode Island - With 177% more late-night orders, they’re favorite is tater tots.
  • Champaign, Illinois - They order 175% more late-night food and their most popular order is pork egg rolls.
  • Ithaca, New York - Up in Ithaca they order 164% more food in the wee hours of the night than everywhere else and like Syracuse, their top choice is stuffed cheesy bread. Must be a New York thing.
  • Brighton, Massachusetts - In this part of Boston, they order 139% more food late-night than other cities and they like spicy tuna rolls best.
  • Albany, New York - The number 10 city on the list still orders 125% more late-night food than the rest of the country and they prefer chicken bacon ranch pizza when they do.

Source: Food and Wine

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