Snacks To Help You Shed Pounds

When you’re trying to lose weight, snacks can be your downfall. Smart snacking is key, but it’s easier said than done when you’re starving and temptation is all around you. Just like with meals, you want your snack to be a healthy mix of protein, fiber-containing carbs, and fat, to keep you full and well nourished.

Here’s what you should keep on hand for when hunger strikes:

  • Roasted chickpeas - When you’re craving something crunchy, roasted chickpeas are ideal. They’re full of fiber and minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium, and they’re low in fat. Roast them with any seasonings you like or buy them pre-packaged for a healthy snack on the go.
  • Protein bar - They’re so easy to grab and throw in your bag for later, just make sure you’re not getting one that’s actually a glorified candy bar. Look for a bar that’s got 15 or more grams of protein and three or more grams of fiber, to keep you full. And look for a protein bar with less than eight grams of sugar and no artificial sweeteners.
  • Greek yogurt - This rich and creamy snack is high in calcium and fills you up with protein, just look for the lowest-sugar one you can find that doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners. Balance out the tart flavor with some cinnamon or ginger, if you’re feeling spicy.
  • Banana with peanut butter - This combo of protein and healthy carbs makes the perfect snack (just watch how much peanut butter you’re using).
  • Single-serve cup of bean soup - If you have access to a microwave or hot water, a hot bean soup is a very filling and nutritious snack, packed with B vitamins, iron, fiber, and protein. The single-serve McDougall’s Lentil CousCous is a great option, it has 210 calories and nine impressive grams of fiber, so you'll feel satisfied until dinner.

Source: Women's Health

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