Why You Might Want Any Other Sweetener Than Truvia

With all the talk about how bad sugar is for us, more people are using artificial sweeteners instead. But those are known to have their downsides, as well. But one in particular – Truvia – has apparently been shown to be a pesticide!

A study from Drexel University found that Erythritol, the sugar alcohol in Truvia, is deadly for flies. Turns out, this stuff killed off fly larvae almost entirely when they were fed it and adult flies produced a lot fewer eggs after they ate it.

"Erythritol has potential to be deployed in a wider array of settings, targeting adults, egg production, active feeding larvae, or all of the above," explains Sean O'Donnell, a researcher on the study.

Still, the FDA says Truvia is safe for us to eat, even though it could cause “minor gastrointestinal effects” if eaten consistently. So you decide if this insect killing sweetener is right for you. Just remember, Truvia used to be advertised as a “natural sweetener” until it was determined that it’s made primarily by “artificial chemical means.” Sugar isn’t looking so bad now, is it?

Source: Fox News

Randy Bigley

Randy Bigley

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