Baby Girls Get More Attention From Dad Than Baby Boys

When it comes to emotional interaction with their children, dad’s focus on their daughters.

Researchers at Emory University have discovered striking differences in how babies are treated based on gender. They analyzed the brain scans of dads and recordings of the interactions with their babies.

It turns out fathers are more willing to speak about their emotions better with the daughters. They sing to them more and even use more analytical words like “all and “much.” One other thing, dads use more words like “tummy,” “foot,” and “belly” with the girls, which could set up body image issues. With sons, the words that were focused on were “win,” “proud,” and “top.”

Lead researcher Jennifer Mascaro shares the findings in a nutshell, “It’s a really thorny thing to understand. As soon as they come into the world they are part of a society that has huge biases in how we interact with males and females.” Exposure to the emotional side of dad made the little girls more empathetic. 

Source: New York Post

Randy Bigley

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