Watch: Odd Trio of UFOs Spotted in NYC

A curious video from New York City shows an odd trio of lights that appear to form a triangle in the night sky. The weird scene reportedly unfolded on Sunday evening over the Bronx and mystified the witness who captured it via his cell phone. In the footage, he can be heard marveling that the orange-looking orbs are "literally flying next to each other" in a triangular formation and slowly moving across the sky. The man then talks to some bystanders who are also watching the orbs and they all agree that they have no idea what the eerie aerial anomalies could be.

The video was subsequently picked up by several YouTube channels devoted to UFO videos where, as one might imagine, all manner of theories were offered for the nature of the odd lights. In addition to the extraterrestrial explanation, one fantastic hypothesis put forward by viewers is that the lights emanated from the mysterious TR-3B spy plane. More skeptically minded observers argue that the orbs were most likely lanterns.

Check out the intriguing video at the Coast to Coast AM website.