Video: American Webcam Viewer Records Lengthy Nessie Sighting?

An Oregon woman watching the Loch Ness webcam recorded a rather remarkable incident in which a anomalous form can be seen swimming across the water over the course of approximately ten minutes. Kalynn Wangle reportedly witnessed the weirdness earlier this month as she watched the wildly popular livestream which is stationed at the iconic Scottish site. Having previously seen something out of the ordinary at the location back in April, it would appear that the diligent webcam viewer is on something of a hot streak as this would be her second sighting this year.

In a video capture of the moment in question, a dark object appears in the middle of Loch Ness and then begins moving across the water. Sharing the footage on YouTube, she notes that the oddity "changes shape and goes under the water and comes back up again." Wangle also posited that there appears to be some "splashing" coming from the perceived creature. As with most Nessie videos, the precise nature of the anomaly is decidedly difficult to discern, but the sheer length of the incident is quite noteworthy.

Check out Wangle's video capture of the lengthy sighting at the Coast to Coast AM website.