Video: Football Fans Enlist Psychic to Help Team

A pair of football fans fed up with their favorite team's futility in  the playoffs enlisted a psychic medium to cleanse their home stadium of  negative energy. According to a local media report,  the odd endeavor was the work of two Kansas City Chiefs devotees who  run a website dedicated to the team. In anticipation of this coming  weekend's showdown between the Chiefs and the Indianapolis Colts, the  duo journeyed to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, where the game will  be played, and took a tour of the facility alongside psychic medium and  'bioenergy healer' Vicky Millard.

During their excursion, Millard purportedly had a number of paranormal  experiences at the stadium which, she believes, may explain why the team  has been notoriously unlucky in the playoffs. Chiefly among them was an  alleged encounter with the ghost of Hank Stram, who had coached the  team to a Super Bowl win in 1970, but was unceremoniously fired four  years later. Upon his passing in 2005, Millard said, the previously  disgruntled coach made amends with the team and returned to the  sidelines in spirit form with the hopes of helping them to achieve  victory.

Find out more about Millard's visit to the stadium, including other eerie events that occurred while she was there, at the Coast to Coast AM website.