Strange Claims at Science Event Spark Controversy

A prestigious science conference in India has become mired in  controversy after a trio of experts put forward some truly bizarre  claims. The Indian Science Congress has been held annually since 1914  and, over the years, has welcomed an array of esteemed researchers  including several Nobel laureates. However, this year's installment is  making headlines in India thanks to a series of jaw-dropping statements reportedly made by three speakers.

Specifically, the vice chancellor of a university in India told  attendees that the Hindu deity Ravana presided over a 24-strong armada  of aircraft in ancient times and that there test tube babies being  produced in the country millennia ago. Meanwhile, a high-level  paleontologist contended that the Hindu creator god Brahma was  responsible for the dinosaurs. And, in what was perhaps the most  scientifically heretical stance of all, a third speaker described Albert  Einstein's famed theory of relativity as a "blunder" and argued that  Isaac Newton had no idea how gravity works.

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