Harry Reid Lobbies for UFOs

Retired Nevada Senator Harry Reid says that he hopes to persuade members  of Congress to take a fresh look at the UFO phenomenon. The intriguing  revelation reportedly came about when the former Senate majority leader who spearheaded the Pentagon's UFO research project did an interview with a Nevada radio station on Thursday. "We have  hundreds and hundreds of people that have seen the same thing," Reid  marveled, "something in the sky, it moves a certain way."

He went on to advocate for developing a way in which military pilots  could report UFO sightings to their superiors without fear of being  ridiculed or having the encounter negatively impact their career. "Many,  many times they don't say a word to anybody about these strange  things," Reid lamented. Remarkably, beyond merely calling for some kind  of reporting system, he indicated that he had a call scheduled for later  in the day with "a powerful member in Congress" and that the topic of  the conversation was this very issue.

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