Watch: Ghost Visits Haunted Hearse?

A curious piece of footage from England appears to show the handle of  purportedly haunted hearse suddenly spring into the air as if it were  moved by a ghost. The weird scene was reportedly captured last week by paranormal investigator Steve Wesson, operator of  the Haunted Museum in the city of Nottingham. Formerly a cinema with a  history of ghostly activity, the building is now home to a number of  allegedly possessed objects and macabre paraphernalia like an antique  morgue refrigerator and a Victorian hearse.

It was that latter item which apparently piqued the paranormal  investigator's interest as he explained that "I'd heard that there was  something weird with the old Victorian hearse." In response to these  murmurs, presumably coming from visitors to the museum, Wesson says that  he proceeded to set up a static camera to film the creepy vehicle  throughout the night in the hopes in the hopes of catching something  spooky. The easy-to-execute endeavor seemingly paid off when he examined  the results of his experiment the next day and saw something rather  inexplicable unfold.

Check out the eerie footage at the Coast to Coast AM website.