Naomi Taniguchi From Sakamura U.S.A.

Naomi Taniguchi

Meet Naomi Taniguchi, Executive Director & Treasurer of Sakamura  U.S.A. She was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. How she ended up in Ohio  is a unique story! As a young woman, she worked as a ground hostess for  the All Nippon Airways airline in Japan. This is how she met her  husband Maurice. Maurice was in the United States Army and happened to  be stationed in Hiroshima.  He traveled often, and a love connection was  made between the two due to her occupation. When his station changed  back to the United States, Naomi followed Maurice to his home state of  Ohio. Although it was a culture shock and she missed her family  terribly, she tried to make the best of it. Eager to build a career, she  started working for Panasonic as an Executive Assistant. At that time,  Sakamura was looking for an employee to build up the United States  Branch and they happened to find Naomi. 

Naomi was the first  employee to start for Sakamura USA in 1997. She worked from ground zero  to build the company. At first, she worked every job there was since she  was the only employee. She even worked as a field service technician,  doing overhauls and driving fork-lifts!  She really enjoyed this time as  it was a learning and traveling experience. Eventually, she moved up to  Executive Director & Treasurer.  She was apprehensive to take on  these positions, as it was new territory for her. Her beloved  Grandmother, who has since passed, told her ‘Take it. Either way, it is a  good experience.” Naomi says her success is owed to good customers and  good employees who have helped her along the way. Sakamura U.S.A. broke  ground in 2001 and most recently completed phase 2 construction in 2017.  Naomi is so proud to be a part of Sakamura U.S.A. and also the Marion  community. She has a strong passion for local, community based business.  She has made sure that Sakamura U.S.A. jumped on board the MarionMade!  Campaign to bring positive press to Marion. In her spare time, Naomi  likes biking and swimming. Her favorite thing to do is love on her dog,  Waffle. Naomi is letting her grey hair show as she is proudly 48 years  old, embracing her age with grace and beauty! 

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