Marion City Income Tax Revenue Mid-Year Report

From Marion City Auditor Robert Landon: Attached is a courtesy copy of the Marion City income tax report showing income tax receipts collected YTD, with year-over-year comparisons to 2019 and 2020. 2021 income tax receipts are an 18.69% increase over 2020 receipts at this time last year. $1,528,045.91 more has been collected this year than at this time in 2020. Marion City Auditor's office will continue to monitor revenues throughout the year and keep everyone informed. More information with a complete breakdown will be provided to the Marion City Council Finance Committee later this month.

YTD 2021 - $9,702,545.90

YTD 2020 - $8,174,499.99

YTD 2019 - $8,846,995.39

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