Let’s Read 20 Promotes Reading To Beat The Slide

Now more than ever it is important for kids to keep up with their reading to beat the learning slide happening throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Students can lose their learning gains when they experience gaps in regular instruction or interruptions in their daily schooling -- much like what the pandemic has showed us. For some students that loss can be significant. Thankfully, a solution is simple (but not always easy) —get kids reading and participating in mentally stimulating activities on a regular basis. Reading at least 20 minutes daily engages learning.

Let’s Read 20’s role in the community literacy initiative is to promote the merits of reading 20 minutes daily. A natural extension is to maximize the Reading To Beat The Slide slogan to spark additional focus on reading. This LR20 campaign offers a reading log for parents and children to keep them on track with their daily reading goals. The log offers rewards of a free book from Let’s Read 20 when a 2-week reading goal is completed. Completed logs are taken to Marion Public Library for validation.

As students log their reading hours a literacy difference is made in our community. Additionally, Let’s Read 20 encourages parents and caregivers to visit the www.LetsRead20.org web site where they will find the reading log, will be able to view read-to-me videos and find relevant resource links on building your child’s literacy foundation. Reading logs can be picked up in the Kids area of Marion Public Library as well.

Follow Let’s Read 20 on facebook and their YouTube playlist on Marion Public Library’s YouTube channel.