Know Better, Do Better: 6 Podcasts To Help Change Your Life

2020 was the kind of year that felt like it lasted about ten lifetimes, but it’s finally a brand-new year! And sure, maybe you’re one of the people who decided not to bother with New Year’s resolutions because the one you made in 2020 to “go on more cruises” went so horribly awry. But even if 2021 doesn’t have a “new year, new me” kind of vibe for you, we’re all still constantly searching for ways to make our lives better, simpler, happier, and more fully dedicated to what’s really important. So let these six podcasts give you some guidance on how to make yourself, and your life, the best it can possibly be right now. Whether you’re struggling with physical or mental health, relationship problems, money worries, motivation, or time management, these podcasts have your back.

Matt and Joel are two normal best friends who like to crack open a craft beer and talk about personal finances. They get into tons of practical information about mortgages and investments, managing rental properties, negotiating a pay raise, budgeting, and handling credit card or student loan debt, but also touch on the emotional aspects to our spending, how our finances directly affect our goals and dreams, forming better habits around money, and why charitable giving matters. Beer reviews and budgeting advice? There’s no better way to learn How To Money.

Renowned therapists and national advice columnists Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch let us listen in on their sessions tackling all kinds of personal crises, so we can apply their advice to our own situations. Affairs and divorce, stress and suicide, gender transitions, estranged parents, childlessness, chronic illness: No issue is too big or small for them to tackle with compassionate insights and actionable advice. They even bring guests back to find out what worked and what didn’t. Get a window into someone else’s world – and perhaps even your own – with Dear Therapists.

Laura Vanderkam shares practical tools and strategies for time management and scheduling savvy in quick, five-minute episodes so we can make the most of our time at home and at work. But don’t imagine a dry recital of to-do list tips. Laura dives into incentives to stop procrastinating, why “have more fun” should be your New Year’s resolution, how to throw a successful Zoom party, how to solicit constructive feedback, and so much more with warmth and humanity. Take five minutes Before Breakfast and gain hours of time.

Internationally recognized fitness expert Tom Holland tackles the hottest topics in exercise, nutrition, and motivation, making sense of the science so we can reach our full potential. He shares 12-minute (and even four second!) workouts and breaks down cardio and heart health, the limits of fitness technology, handling knee pain and calf injuries, and fitness tips for seniors; he also gets into sugar and steroids, carbs and calories, weight loss supplements and smoothies, and so much more. Whether you’re starting a new regime or changing up your existing one, Fitness Disrupted can help.

Country pop star LeAnn Rimes shot to stardom when she was a teenager, and ever since, she’s been in pursuit of methods and practices to help her overcome the fragmentation of daily life and find greater peace and happiness. Now, she’s sharing those practices with us, sitting down with breathwork teachers, holistic healers, and life coaches about overcoming trauma, embracing our vulnerabilities, using our breath to elevate our moods or alleviate anxiety, and what self-care really looks like. If you’re on a quest to be more Wholly Human, this is the podcast you’ve been waiting for.

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist, has a weekly conversation with listeners to talk about all things mental health and personal development. These candid sessions range from bipolar symptoms and treatment, seasonal depression and suicidal thoughts, sex and body positivity, and intimate partner violence to affirmations and meditations, astrology and tarot, getting in relationship with nature, healthy grieving, and so much more. It might be Therapy For Black Girls, but anyone can benefit from Dr. Joy’s knowledge and expertise – get some! And get started on a better year and a better you, right now.

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