Six-Year-Old Girl's Letter Spurs Toy Company To Make 'Plastic Army Women'

A toy company is expanding its line of the iconic green army soldiers to include women after receiving a heartfelt letter from a six-year-old girl in Arkansas. When Vivian Lord realized that none of the army men she loved to play with were women, her parents told her to write a letter to the company, BMC Toys, asking them if they could make female soldiers.

In a handwritten letter, Vivian pointed out that her friend's mother is in the army, and asked why the company didn't make women soldiers.

"I saw the pink ones but [those] aren't girls and people in the army don't wear pink," Vivian wrote.

She promised that she would play with the female soldiers every day and that her friends would love them as well.

When Jeff Imel, who is the only full-time employee at BMC Toys, read the letter, he knew he had to fulfill her wish. He had already floated the idea of creating a series of green army women but never followed through with it. He decided to get to work and started the process of designing the figurines.

Imel says that the new line of female soldiers will feature four different poses and will be ready to hit the market just in time for Christmas in 2020.

When Vivian learned that Imel was going to honor her request, she was ecstatic.

"Thank you for doing this! It made me so happy," she told WBRE-TV. "I might just get the boy Army men out of the way and just play with the girls."