Music Club Features Full Sound Chamber Group

Sunday, September 15, at 3:00 p.m., Marion Music Club (MMC) will feature a music chamber group, Full Sound, whose musical roots go back 4 generations in Marion. Program organizer Carol Becker has arranged for the free performance to take place at Prospect Street United Methodist Church, 185 South Prospect Street, Marion.

Full Sound's five musicians form a string quintet of 2 violins, a viola, cello, and double-bass. According to information provided by Full Sound, adding a double-bass to a standard contemporary string quartet (two violins, viola, and cello) results in a much more versatile ensemble, with a richer and deeper sound. Additionally, most of the musicians can also play the piano, which enables them to perform music for almost any combination of strings and piano.

Full Sound has been performing at many venues and events in the central Ohio area since 2010. Their repertoire consists mostly of quintet music of major composers from the 1700s-1800s, hymns, and various other pieces of music that include the ensemble's special string quintet arrangements of familiar classical selections, forgotten masterworks, sacred music, marches, and ragtime.

Full Sound's musicians include Chesed Loritsch (violin 1), Tiffany Loritsch (violin 2), Chayah Loritsch (viola), Racham Loritsch (cello), and Tsidqah Loritsch (double-bass). Except for the wife, Tiffany, they are lineal descendants of great, great grandfather William Dowler and the grandsons of local attorney Harry (Hap) Dowler.

Family photos, records, and published music for military band found in the Chatfield MN Brass Band Lending Library establish that circa 1905, William Dowler played a coronet, organized a band, and wrote and published marches. Also, he was one of the founders of the local musicians union, for which he was given a lifetime membership. Additionally, a postcard photo shows the music store Dowler owned that was in the building presently standing on the southeast corner of East Church and South Main Street.

Full Sound's appearance on September 15 is a special performance to inaugurate the Marion Music Club's

2019-2020 season of monthly free quality music programs for the community.

Along with the programs, one of the primary purposes of MMC is to encourage young people to develop their music skills and to offer scholarships for those wanting to attend music camps and colleges. Donations for the scholarships are gratefully accepted at MMC's monthly performances, or at any time.

Now in its 99th season, the club continues to reach out to the community during its fall membership campaign to actively seek new MMC members. Both those who would like to perform, as well as those who enjoy listening to music and want to help support MMC's free public musical performances are welcome to become members.