Tamela Knight at The McDaniel Automotive Party at the Pavilion

Tamela Knight will be performing LIVE and FREE at the McDaniel Automotive Party at The Pavilion on Friday, July 6th from 5 to 7pm inside the Picnic Pavilion at the Marion County Fair. Stop by, enjoy the show and register to win a Family-4-Pack of tickets to go to Cedar Point from McDaniel Automotive!

Tamela Knight is the NACMAI “2016 Female Vocalist of the Year” and the “2016 Most Promising Female Entertainer of the Year.” She has been performing all over Central Ohio with he brand of country, rock, gospel and christian music for years.

Tamela Knight, on Tamela Knight... "I'm a 52 year old Married Mother of 5 and Grandmother of 2—-grew up listening to my Dad sing in church and watching him perform in a traveling Gospel Quartet....learned to play keyboards at 3 years old by Grandmother who was legally blind and couldn’t read music, so she taught me to play by ear——I have sang in various choirs, Worship Teams throughout the years but never really “stepped out of my box” as a singer to see what people would think of my voice. One night after signing up my daughter for cheer leading, I noticed a sign in front of a local Grill where they were having a Karaoke contest so I thought I would give it a shot. I ended upon winning to represent the State of Ohio in Little Rock, Arkansas in the Nationals . That planted a seed inside me where I wanted to know more.....One contest led to another and another and another and has blossomed into these past couple of years and my singing opportunities now......I love God with all of my being and I know there is a reason why this all came about at this later time in my life——- every door that opens I will continue to walk through as long as I have breath in my lungs—Life is short——tomorrow is never guaranteed so why not live out your passions? I use to be that person who was at an Event listening to a singer, a band and I use to say “What if”—-now I’m the person up in front of people living my dream. I may not ever become famous but in my children’s eyes and the eyes of my grandchildren——I am sending a message ——hopefully a very strong one——“you will never know if you can catch a dream unless you reach for it”——don’t leave this world thinking “what if”....."

Tamela's accomplishments are many:

 July 2015—KWC—Ohio State Champion

September 2015 KWC Nationals in Arkansas—-16th in the Nation—-multiple genres of music——not Country only

October 2015 Ohio Champion for Buckeye Country Music Organization

November 2015—-1st Place Judges Choice—LANCASTER IDOL——judges panel consisted of Radio Personality and TV Personality

March—NACMAI (North America Country Music Association International). 6 days of competition—-over 500 contestants from all over the US———voted “2016 NEW COUNTRY FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR” And “2016 NEW COUNTRY’S MOST PROMISING FEMALE ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR”

April—-showcased on Channel 4 by Mindy DrayerAward presented by Governor Hatfield of Galena

Award presented by Governor KasichJuly 2016——showcased in the “RED WHITE AND BOOM” Parade in Columbus Ohio

July 2016–-“FROM ROADS TO ROOTS” was born

August 2016—1st Concert at The Big Walnut Grill in Sunbury Ohio

March 2017—Concert at the Big Walnut Grill—Cover charge!! $$😎

August 2017—Concert at The Hartford Fair

August 2017—Headliner at The Galena Summerfest

2017–Recorded my 1st CD plus wrote and recorded my 1st Original Song—-releasing this Summer 

July 6th——Performance at The Marion County Fairgrounds with 94.3 hosting

August 9th—-Concert at The Hartford Fair

August 16th—-3rd Thursday in August—Marion

 CLICK HERE to learn more about Tamela and her band.


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