Marion Woman Scammed Out Of $1500

The Marion County Sheriff's Office received a report from a citizen in the Marion area stating she received a call from the Sheriff's Office number stating she had missed a federal court subpoena, and that a warrant had been issued for her arrest and she needed to provide payment via Green Dot cards to avoid going to jail. They also told her to go turn herself in at the Marion County Building once she provided payment. The scammer called this person's place of employment and cell phone, contacting her a total of 14 times.  The Sherriff’s office or any other government entities will never ask for payment via Green Dot cards for warrants, fines, subpoenas, or utility payments.These scammers are most often very aggressive and try to keep victims on the phone until they get the Green Dot card information because they are virtually untraceable If you ever receive a call like this, please contact the Marion County Sheriff's Office.


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