Marion Man Arrested in Possible Connection To Local Overdoses

Marion saw an increase in drug overdoses in March at 24 compared to 10 in February, and 7 in January. While trying to find the source of the heroin, an arrest was made, Hunter R. Thomas, age 24, of Marion, was charged last week with corrupting another with drugs. 

 A warrant was issued for Thomas' arrest after a woman found her 25-year-old granddaughter slumped over in the bathroom, March 21st, holding a syringe in her hand, in the 200 block of Windsor Street. 

Marion police built a case against Thomas using text messages from the overdose victim's phone, there was also video footage from showing the drug buy, and statements from the overdose victim and a woman that Thomas was staying with.

Thomas is being held in the Multi-County Correctional Center


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