Marion City Council Takes Measures To Tighten Spending

History has shown when a City Council has a majority shift in political party affiliation, changes are immediately made. After the historic election cycle for Marion City Council this fall, the members of the Council Majority are prepared to work with the mayor and the other members of City Council to make necessary adjustments that will better serve the residents of Marion.  

To demonstrate their commitment to shrinking the size of government, one of the first adjustments being made is to return the Clerk of Council to a part-time position.  The Council Majority would like to thank the former Clerk, Irene Fulton for years of service to the Council and the additional duties she performed for the other city departments. Furthermore, City Council has elected Jason Schaber, Third Ward Councilman, as the President Pro Tempore of Council. Linda Stzelecki will remain the Clerk Pro Tempore. The Council Majority believes that tightening their belts starts with their own area and clearly this action shows their commitment to making local government more efficient and taxpayer friendly.   

In addition, the Council Majority is committed to assisting the mayor in making the necessary adjustments in spending to help balance the city budget in the coming year. 


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