Applications Submitted To Sell Medical Marijuana In Ohio

370 applications to sell medical marijuana were received by Ohio regulators.  Seven applications were received for the Northwest-6 district, which includes Marion County. They included four applications for Marion itself and three outside the county.Shelby, Logan, Miami, Paulding, Van Wert, Mercer, Crawford and Morrow Counties received no applicants. In the southeast region, which includes Franklin County, 105 applications were submitted for 17 available licenses.Some applicants, applied for two or more licenses. Dispensary owners can only hold five licenses at a time. Even though 370 applications were received to sell medical marijuana only 57 licenses will be awarded initially.

Applicants in Marion and surrounding counties are:

Mother Earth's Meds, LLC-Cheryl Kepford-Northwest-6 Marion

Ohio Therapeutics, LLC-Benjamin Burkhardt-Northwest-6 Marion

Rooted Wellness of Marion, Inc.-Christopher Sumi-Northwest-6 Marion

Verdant Creations, LLC-John hondros-Northwest-6 Marion

Eagle Dispensaries 5, LLC-James Kaufman-Northwest-6 Wyandot

Eagle Dispensaries 5, LLC-James Kaufman-Northwest-6 Wyandot

Green health dispensaries LLC-Sandra Fekete-Southeast-4 Delaware

Agri-Med Enterprises, Inc.-Charles Griffith-Southwest-8 Union

Bcco, LLC-Robert Landis Southwest-8 Union


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