Marion Co. Sheriff's Office Enforces Traffic Safety For Thanksgiving


Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey announced his office will be  participating in a countywide traffic detail targeting speed and  alcohol related violations for the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday.   Deputies will be conducting extra traffic enforcement and patrol now  through November 26th.  In an effort to ensure the safety of the  motoring public, the sheriff’s office will be enforcing a Zero Tolerance  Policy on speeding, drunk driving, and seatbelt violations.  Marion  County residents are urged to obey traffic laws to ensure a safe and  enjoyable homecoming season.  

These extra patrol  activities were made possible through a grant from the Ohio Department  of Public Safety and the Governor’s Highway Safety Office.  The grant  was awarded to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in a continued effort  to lower traffic accidents related to alcohol, speed, and seatbelt  violations. Motorists are to expect to see deputies enforcing traffic  safety countywide.  Sheriff Tim Bailey and his deputies are committed to  keeping Marion County roadways safe for all residents and visitors. 


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