Grant Middle, Harding High Schools Complete Required Safety Drill

Grant Middle School and Harding High School  conducted lockdown safety drills Tuesday morning, complying with state  requirements. 

The district also invited local law enforcement to  sweep the school with canine units in a search for drugs and contraband  while on lockdown. No drugs were found in either school during the  searches. 

State law requires schools to conduct three school  safety drills, including one drill in which students are secured in the  school building, each school year. Harding and Grant completed their  drills at 9 a.m., requiring students and staff to remain in their  classrooms during the drills. 

Canine units from the Marion Police  Department swept the school buildings for drugs and contraband while  buildings were on lockdown. The district takes this step to comply with  their vision of establishing a safe, caring and respectful environment  that promotes student learning. 

“We want to be proactive when it  comes to serving our students, and partnering with the police department  to conduct this sweep is one way we are being proactive to keep  students safe,” Marion City Schools Superintendent Stephen Fujii said.  “It goes hand-in-hand with our programs dedicated to educating students  about the dangers of drugs.” 

These programs include teaching the  research-proven Too Good for Drugs curriculum meant to help students  develop strong peer-pressure refusal strategies and understand the  negative effects of drug use.  

Grant and Harding students are  also encouraged to volunteer for random drug testing through the Prexie  Prevention Program, in which only participants’ parents or guardians  receive test results. Students who sign up through school resource  officers are entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free iPad. 

“We  are aware of both the dangers of drug abuse and how important being  drug free is to success after students graduate high school,” Fujii  said. “We want to keep students safe and to prepare them for the  future.” 


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