Man tries to skip out of paying to climb Mt. Everest.

The Bottom Line: A South African man didn't want to pay the $11K Mount Everest climbing fee so he tried, and failed, to hide in a cave on the mountain 

The Full Story:

  • Each person who wants to climb Mount Everest has to pay $11-thousand 
  • A South African climber didn't want to, so he tried to hide in a cave once he made it on the mountain 
  • He was discovered and will now have to pay $22-thousand and face being banned from the country 

Nepal makes a ton of money from Mount Everest climbers, so it should come as no surprise that they take their climbing fee very seriously. For starters, each and every person who tries to reach the iconic summit has to pay $11-thousand. Ryan Sean Davy didn't want to do that. 

Instead, the 43-year-old from South Africa made it to up to the second base camp all by his lonesome, which is highly unusual for foreign climbers who normally have a group or at least a local guide, or sherpa. Once he was 21-thousand feet up, he was spotted by a government official who was curious as to why he was alone. Davy tried to flee, but was found in a nearby cave. 

Now, he'll have to cough up $22-thousand and face being banned from Nepal for five years or face a 10-year ban on climbing in the country. What's more, Davy's passport was confiscated and he'll have to go to the capital, Kathmandu, to retrieve it. He claims he doesn't have the cash for a flight to the capital, so he'll take on a four day journey via bus or on foot. 

Source: Metro 


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