Man saves another from killing himself-now together.

The Bottom Line: Man runs the London Marathon alongside the guy who kept him from committing suicide so they can raise money to educate people about mental illness. The Full Story: Back in 2008, Jonny Benjamin was ready to take his own life. He stood on the edge of the Waterloo Bridge in London, ready to jump, until a stranger talked him down. Neil Laybourn was able to convince Benjamin not to jump, but the two men never even exchanged names before authorities took Benjamin away. The guys had no way to find each other after that, so Benjamin launched a social media campaign to find the kind stranger who saved him from suicide. They reunited and became friends, even working together with the Heads Together organization started by royals Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to educate people on mental illness. And last weekend, Benjamin and Laybourn ran the London Marathon together to raise money for Heads Together. "I mean, we ran past the bridge that I was standing at when Neil first helped me. That was such an overwhelming moment," Benjamin says. "To think you know how far we've come and what a journey we've been on and to do it together — just, just phenomenal.”



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