April 6th-100 years ago today we entered World War One.

There is a gentleman named Andy Carroll who 20 years ago launched a project to seek out and preserve war-related letters as a way of honoring and remembering our veterans and their loved ones. He has collected over 100,000 wartime correspondences-from handwritten letters from the Revolutionary War and Civil War to Irag and Afganistan. He has donated his entire collection to Chapman University in California and the project has been dubbed the Center for American War Letters. This week Andy is kicking off a Million Letters campaign to get people to share war-related and e-mails. If you know someone who has war letters please share the information so those that have sacrificed so much can tell their stories. To learn more about this tremendous program visit www.WarLetters.us. My dad is sharing some of his World War 2 letters-fascinating. Good luck to Andy and may you reach your goal


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