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+4 Additional Occurrences

Fri. Dec. 2                BBK Shelby at Pleasant                            7:30 PM Eric

Fri. Dec 9                 GBK Pleasant at River Valley                  7:30 PM Eric

Sat. Dec 10              BBK River Valley at Pleasant                   7:30 PM Eric

Fri. Dec 16               BBK Marion Harding at River Valley     7:30 PM Eric

Sat. Dec. 17             BBK Delaware Christian at Ridgedale  6:30 PM Eric

Tue. Dec 27             GBK Ridgedale at Pleasant                      7:30 PM Eric

Fri. Jan. 6                 GBK Pleasant at Marion Harding          7:30 PM Eric           

Sat. Jan. 7                BBK Marysville at Marion Harding       7:30 PM Eric

Fri. Jan 13                BBK Pleasant at Marion Harding          7:30 PM Eric

Sat. Jan. 14              GBK Highland at Pleasant                       7:30 PM Eric

Fri. Jan 20                BBK Elgin at Ridgedale                             7:30 PM Eric

Sat. Jan. 21              BBK Shelby at Marion Harding              7:30 PM Eric

Fri. Jan 27                BBK Pleasant at River Valley                  7:30 PM Eric

Fri. Feb. 3                GBK Highland at River Valley                 7:30 PM Eric

Sat. Feb 4                BBK Shelby at River Valley                      7:30 PM Eric

Fri. Feb 10               BBK Ontario at Marion Harding            7:30 PM Eric

Sat. Feb 11              BBK Tree of Life at Ridgedale                 6:30 PM Eric

Fri. Feb 17               BBK Marion Harding at Pleasant           7:30 PM Eric


**Subject to Change