The third annual iHeartRadio Music Festival was full of excitement this year, hosting of tons of awesome performances, some surprise collaborations, and more!

Check out what you may have missed!

1. MILEY. CAN'T. STOP. TWERKING. And yes, that's a dancing mushroom in the background. It escaped from Mario Kart in hopes of a life full of twerking.

2. Just when you think you saw everything at the village. This happened. Pasties, a see-through mesh dress, fur, and a banana microphone .. it's just magical. But yet, the magic continued...

3. ...with a dancing flower and mound of grass! Grass girl's facial expressions were ON POINT. Miley, we love you so much.

4. The excitement and twerking lived on at The Village with Jason Derulo. This is an all ages event guys...

5. Drake showed up to the festival rocking this little number. Who is that you might ask? Oh, it's just Jaden Smith's face immortalized on a t-shirt, with his facial expression during drake's VMA performance. 

6. GET IT DIDDY. Just don't let John Mayer catch you.

7. KATY PERRY IS A ROARING GODDESS AND SHE HAS A HUMAN THRONE. Also her outfit is a little Britney Spears a la 1999 AKA amazing.

8. If you missed Katy Perry's roar, Ke$ha had you covered. Grrr baby, very grrrr. She's like a sparkly lioness.

9. SHE'S SO SPARKLY! And obviously so are her dancers. We know she bathes in glitter, but maybe this was a communal glitter shower?

10. Just Joan Jett in this delightful red leather ensemble. Rockin' out with Ke$ha. Not giving a damn about her reputation.

11. Can Robin Thicke be any hotter?! (Sorry Paula Patton) Going to pretend that ring isn't on his finger (sigh)...

12. fun. was ... FUN!! (See what we did there?) But not just any kind of fun, toungue-sticking-out kind of fun. Looks like Nate took a note out of Miley Cyrus' book.

13. GROUP HUG!!!!

14. Everything about Adam Lambert and Queen's performance was so majestic. From Brian May's serious skills right down to Adam's incredible sparkly boots. Seriously, Adam, where did you find those? Hook us up! 

15. BRIAN MAY SHREDS. That is all. And look how his ravishing curls just softly cascade over his shoulders. Not a strand out of place. 

16. Sir Elton, like you, that glittery jacket is so AMAZING and it shines excellence.

17. What does the fox say? Ask Ylvis!

18. LASERS EVERYWHERE. Talk about club life. It's like a mystical land of rays, where Tiesto is the mayor.

19. Adam Levine has got his squats DOWN! *swoons* Behati Prinsloo, you are one lucky lady!

20. From s8er girl to Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne is channeling her inner-crazy kid.

21. LOL WHAT IS THAT ADORABLE CREATURE? Juicy J's new pet perhaps?

22. There is NO ONE on this planet that can pull off this hat like Bruno Mars can. Just don't even try.

23. If I was sitting in the front row, I'd be reaching out for a piece of Justin Timberlake too. (Sorry, not sorry Jessica Biel)

24. This is Adam Lambert making sure you stay hydrated. And wearing a fabulous shirt only he can pull off.

25. Hi Zedd!! You are adorable.


GIFs by Roger Kisby for iHeartRadio